Nurit Dreamer

Intimately at Teddy Stadium with Nurit Dreamer

Intimately at Teddy Stadium with Nurit Dreamer, is a Podcast in which Nurit invites interviewees to join her in the stadium for a personal conversation during the course of a soccer game. At the stadium, Dreamer unravels the strict rules according to which talk shows are normally conducted, and instead makes it her studio. The solid format becomes a surprising, unexpected and sometimes wild performance. Individual guests are invited in advance for each interview, while during the session, Dreamer expands the circle and randomly invites more people present at Teddy Stadium. She moves with much fluidity between the private and public spheres, and produces a multicultural and multi-age discourse in the midst of a passionate event. Each interview is recorded and uploaded as a podcast. The sequence of interviews form a fascinating human mosaic that allows for a glimpse into the epidermis of Israeli society.

The work was created for the exhibition 'Bikkurim' at the The New Gallery - Artists Studios Teddy, curated by Sally Haftel Naveh